Twenty’s Plenty 

From Monday 4th April all Lambeth-controlled roads in the borough have a 20mph speed limit, making our roads safer for everyone. 


Norwood Councillors backing 20mph

Over the last few years we’ve supported community campaigns for 20mph zones being introduced across the ward – but now the limit applies to all roads so that everyone can have certainty about the speed limit and roads will be safer for pedestrians & cyclists. 


Campaigning for 20mph in Gipsy Hill

Gipsy Hill councillor Jennifer Brathwaite has been in charge of introducing the 20mph limit and said:

“It is widely known that the difference between 30mph and 20mph can be someone’s life.

“When driving at 30mph you have far less time to react to any incident – a car braking from 30 mph will still be travelling at 22mph when one braking from 20mph will have stopped.

“By driving at a more steady speed we can all feel safer and more confident on the roads, whether we’re in a car, on a bike or on foot.”

Lambeth is also working with TfL to introduce 20mph on their roads in the borough so that there is total coverage on all local roads. 


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