Norwood Park Astroturf

9529321009_2baeb496c1_zAs the tarmac sports pitch in Norwood Park (opposite the Park Tavern)  is under utilised and in need of renovation Lambeth council,  working in partnership with Norwood School and the Football Trust, is proposing to upgrade the site to form three new astroturfed pitches to provide improved facilities for the local community.

The new pitches will be open from 8am to 10pm (the current tarmac pitch has permission for floodlights until 10pm).

Norwood School will use the pitches during school hours and for after school activities as well as during the school holidays.  At other times Lambeth community clubs like Lambeth Tigers and Brixton Bulls are likely to use the pitches for their members’ activities (through a book and pay system). Other local community clubs will be encouraged to book the pitch to  make use of the facilities.

As part of the proposal the school will ensure the pitches are supervised when in use & time will be set aside for community use during the week and at weekends. The council will be working with the school & the local community on these proposals in 2016.


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