Election Results


Thank you to everyone who voted in the elections on 22nd May. Labour held all three seats with just over 70% of the vote, Labour’s best result in the whole of Lambeth – and a complete change from eight years ago when Labour only secured 29% of the vote in the ward. Thank you to everyone who supported us.

Gipsy Hill – results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
 Matthew Bennett Labour 2242 24% Elected
 Niranjan Francis Labour 2202 23% Elected
 Jennifer Brathwaite Labour 2183 23% Elected
 Tom Martin Conservative 436 5% Not elected
 Ali Kayikkiran Conservative 434 5% Not elected
 Said Gutin Conservative 423 4% Not elected
 Ben McKeown Green 364 4% Not elected
 Cath Potter Green 317 3% Not elected
 Paul Wynter Green 257 3% Not elected
 David James Hare Liberal Democrat 164 2% Not elected
 Marietta Frances Crichton Stuart Liberal Democrat 161 2% Not elected
 Eddie Otoyo UK Independence Party 142 2% Not elected
 Marcus Franciscus Van Breugel Liberal Democrat 133 1% Not elected

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