Saving Gipsy Hill Police Station

Campaigning to save Gipsy Hill police station

After the Tories came to power in 2010, Lambeth lost 25% of its police officers and Tory mayor Boris Johnson embarked on a programme of closing police stations across the capital.

When the Tories proposed closing Gipsy Hill police station Matthew, Jenny and Francis worked with local residents, our MP Tessa Jowell, member of the London Assembly Val Shawcross and the Gipsy Hill Safer Neighbourhood Panel to campaign against its proposed closure.

Our letter to the Evening Standard

Our letter to the Evening Standard

Under the Tory proposals our local police would have been based in Streatham and had to travel to walk the beat on the bus. With Neighbourhood Policing teams already cut back by the mayor this was unacceptable to us and to local residents.

Following our campaign, the mayor backed down from his initial proposal to completely close the station. The police are still based there, ending the foolish proposal to base them all in Streatham and Brixton. However, the station is only open to members of the public for three hours each week, down from 40 hours before. We are continuing to campaign for the Tories to give Lambeth our fair share of policing – and 100 extra officers for Lambeth.


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