A Local Primary School Place for Every Local Child

Cllr Jenny Brathwaite (centre) with parents & children at Elmwood PrimaryOver the past four years Labour in Lambeth has worked hard to support local primary schools to keep pace with the huge increase in demand over the past eight years. Since 2006 demand from primary school places in Norwood is up 70%.

We’re really lucky that our local primary schools are rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, and the council has worked with local parents and teachers to boost the number of local places, despite the government failing to provide enough money to fund expansion.

Since 2010, Kingswood primary has been expanded from 2 forms of entry to 4 forms, with anBNs6pOGCEAIpOY3 entirely new lower site for infants. Elmwood primary school is in the middle of an expansion from 1 form of entry to 2 forms of entry and Cllr Jenny Brathwaite worked closely with the school and local residents to help smooth the planning process.

Lambeth has also recently announced that it will work to expand Paxton primary from 1 form of entry to 3 forms of entry. In West Norwood, the council has also built a second site for the excellent Julians Primary school on Wolfington road. Taken together, when all the planned expansions are complete, an additional 7 forms of entry will have been provided for local children.

And because we know that too many children are coming to school hungry in the morning, Labour has promised to introduce free breakfasts in every primary school if Labour wins the council elections on May 22nd 2014.


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