West Norwood Picturehouse

Initial sketch West Norwood PicturehouseIn April 2012 Picturehouse’s director of development agreed to meet with us to listen to our idea for a cinema in the old community halls in West Norwood alongside a refurbished library.

After Picturehouse was blocked from moving into Crystal Palace by KICC, we approached them about the possibility of coming to West Norwood and working together with Lambeth council.

We met with representatives from Picturehouse, took them on a walk around the town centre and around the outside of the building and talked about what could be achieved. We then set up meetings with council officers and a public meeting for local residents with Tessa Jowell MP at Elmgreen school.

Picturehouse and the council are now working together, with a planning application due before summer 2014, for a four screen Picturehouse cinema, a cafe/bar and to see West Norwood’s library completely refurbished and restored with the Friends of West Norwood Library taking the lead on designs for the improved library. Cllr Matthew Bennett sits on the working group with local residents, council officers and representatives from Picturehouse, to drive the project forward.

Matthew, Jenny and Francis said:

“We strongly supported the campaign for a cinema in Crystal Palace but when Picturehouse said that they couldn’t see how they could make it happen – we approached them about West Norwood. We believed that a joint cinema and library would be a huge boost to the town centre, attracting people from across the local area, which would strengthen local businesses on the high street, as well as being a fantastic resource for local people. 

“When we first approached Picturehouse, we were told that it was a real long shot to try and make this happen – but we’re delighted that our efforts are paying off and we can’t wait to see it open!”


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