Croydon Cut Upper Norwood Library Funding by 60%

We’re sure that you’ve already heard that the Conservative administration in Croydon has ignored the huge local campaign to protect funding for the Upper Norwood Library and has slashed funding for our library by 60% to just £75,000 this year with no guarantee of funding from Croydon after 2014. This is a shameful approach from Croydon at a time when we have repeatedly called on them to work with the local community and with Lambeth to secure the future of the library.

Since Croydon’s cuts were announed we’ve spoken to Lambeth’s cabinet member for culture and the leader of Lambeth council and have been completely reassured that despite Lambeth residents making up just 32% of library users, that our funding of £170,000 a year will be maintained and that our policy remains that the ownership of the building should be transferred to local residents and library users through a community trust so that the library truly belongs to the local community.

Although the library’s funding will be significantly reduced, we are hopeful that together, the community, library users, and the staff in the library can find a way through this and continue to provide this vital service in the heart of Upper Norwood. We have also spoken to the Labour opposition in Croydon who have confirmed that they will reverse this cut if they take control of the council from the Conservatives in 2014.


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