Soaring Fares, Poor Service

One of the issues that we have increasingly picked up on the doorstep is about the [un]reliability of bus services in our ward. It’s fair to say that we’re not that well served by buses unless you live right up in Upper Norwood next to the Crystal Palace bus terminus. In the rest of the ward the bus routes skirt around the edges (432 & 3, for example) and only one bus actually runs through the ward – the 322.

The number 3 bus is used primarily by residents in the West Dulwich part of the ward as it runs up South Croxted Road. Regular users tell us that the bus is often delayed, infrequent and sometimes so overcrowded that it’s impossible to board. At the same time, bus fares have soared ahead of inflation over the past four years under London’s Conservative mayor with a single bus fare rising by 50% from 90p to £1.35. The mayor has lost money by scrapping the congestion charge in Chelsea and wasted money on designing a new routemaster bus – fares have soared with no improvement in services for local residents. People are asking just what they’re paying for.

We’re working with Val Shawcross, Lambeth & Southwark’s member of the London assembly to put pressure on TfL to improve the service that residents in Gipsy Hill receive on the buses and Labour’s candidate for mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has promised to cut fares by 7%, to freeze them in 2013 and to limit any future increases to the rate of inflation. You can find out more information on Ken’s Fare Deal here: 


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