Ranger Mansions Squat

Two weeks ago the issue of the squat at Ranger Mansions on Jasper Road, SE19 was raised on the Virtual Norwood website. The squat was holding regular raves at weekends which were carrying on into the morning and making life a misery for many residents in the immediate area. We contacted the local police safer neighbourhood team, and Lambeth council to raise this issue.

Thankfully we were told that the council had already started legal proceedings to evict the squatters and to secure the building. Two weeks ago we were informed by council officers that the squat should be cleared and the building made safe within a month. Residents living on Woodland, Jasper & Farquhar roads should have received a letter from us about the situation and the action that is being taken on the 24th January.

 Since then, we have been in regular contact with officers within the council’s housing and legal departments to ensure that this timetable doesn’t slip at all & Cllr Niranjan Francis was able to give a verbal update at the recent meeting of the Gipsy Hill Residents’ Association.  However, matters have moved on with another rave turning violent last weekend which ended with a shooting. Jasper road and the surrounding area off the triangle is heavily residential with a large number of families, this shouldn’t happen in a neighbourhood like this.

We have been advised that the timetable has not slipped; the council still intends to evict the squatters and secure the building over the next couple of weeks to ensure that this cannot happen again and the police are monitoring the situation closely. If anyone has any further concerns then please do contact us by phone, email or post. Our next surgery in the Upper Norwood area is at the library on Friday 10th February 4-5pm.


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