Recent Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour in the Woodland Road Area

Over the summer we received a number of complaints about an increase in Anti-Social Behaviour and crime around the Woodland Road area. As the local councillors we immediately contacted Gipsy Hill’s Safer Neighbourhood Police Team and the relevant department in Lambeth council. It is understood that a family recently moved into the area who have been attracting this increase in crime and ASB, we have been working closely with the police, community safety officers and local housing associations to try and resolve this problem for local residents.

Following a Partnership Meeting at the council the following actions have been agreed to address this issue:

  • The family in question is holding meetings with their housing associations and reminded of the consequences if this anti-social behaviour continues, this includes the housing association applying to a court for an eviction order.
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions will be investigated as a means of excluding non-residents who have been causing trouble from the area.
  • One of the council’s mobile CCTV vans has been deployed to the Woodland Road/Cawnpore Street area to gather evidence and to deter crime.
  • Background checks are being carried out on individuals identified as possibly being involved in crime & ASB with a view to further action if necessary.
  • An increase of police patrols in the area.

As the local councillors we hope that these measures will be successful in reducing the heightened levels of crime and ASB in our area. We are very conscious of trying to support our local police at a time when they have been (and continue to be) put under real pressure. If you have any further concerns about this then please don’t hesitate to contact any of your local councillors or the local police directly.


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