Save Our Police from Boris’ Tory Cuts

Your local Labour councillors are backing Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper MP and Ken Livingstone in their challenge to Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson over figures which indicate the number of police officers in London is set to fall by 1800 in just two years.

On 10th February 2011 Boris Johnson said London would have, ‘more uniformed fully warranted police officers than ever before.’ Yet figures published recently on the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) website completely contradict that claim. According to the MPA in just two years the number of police officers in London will fall to just 31,460 from 33,260 in 2010, a fall of 1800.

Yvette and Ken called on Boris Johnson to answer the following questions In a letter to the Conservative Mayor:

· How many police officers are individual boroughs set to lose?
· Have you set any cap on the number of police officers individual boroughs are set to lose or could some boroughs lose over 100 or 200 officers?
· You are cutting 300 sergeants from 600 safer neighbourhood teams. Which wards are set to lose a sergeant because of your decision?

Yvette and Ken held a meeting for Safer Neighbourhood panel members in Stonebridge, Brent to listen to views and concerns of residents. The Safer Neighbourhoods scheme was launched by Ken and the Metropolitan Police in Stonebridge in April 2004.

Yvette Cooper MP said:

“Boris Johnson is failing to stand up for Londoners who want more police officers on the streets, not 1,800 less.

“The Conservative Mayor and this Conservative government are putting the Metropolitan Police in an impossible position, and these cuts to police officers put at risk the huge progress made by the police and local communities in keeping our streets safer.

“Labour will put crime and policing at the centre of it’s 2012 London election campaign. Crime and safety is a key issue for Londoners. Whether you live in Redbridge or Richmond, residents want safe streets and that means keeping police on the streets.”

Ken Livingstone said:

“Boris Johnson began cutting the police even before this government was elected. These Conservative cuts will mean some of the most experienced and able officers losing their jobs including 300 of the 600 sergeants who manage local police teams.

“Right across London there is huge concern about the cuts to the number of frontline police officers including in Bromley where Boris Johnson is cutting 30 police officers.

“Conservative London MPs, Conservative London Assembly Member and Conservative London Councillors have a simple decision to make – they can stand alongside their Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson and defend his decision to cut 1800 police officers or they can join our campaign to protect frontline policing in the capital.”


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