Primary School Places

Primary school places are a real issue in Lambeth and, particularly, in Norwood. Demand for places has risen by as much as 40% in the past few years and the council has worked to increase the number of places available for local children with over 300 extra places since 2009.

The council was able to secure £9m in funding from the last Labour government to boost places in the borough and this has allowed us to double the number of places at Kingswood – from a two form entry primary to a four form entry school. The council is also opening a new primary school on Wolfington Road (by West Norwood station). This will increase the number of places in the area and should help reduce demand for places at Kingswood and Elm Wood from families living between West Norwood and Streatham.

The New School will be run in federation with the excellent Julian’s primary in Streatham Wells and will open in September 2011 (temporary classrooms) and will open onsite in West Norwood from September 2012. The council’s planning committee approved the design last week and the scheme is moving ahead.

However, even though we’ve seen a large increase in the number of primary places available we expect that demand will continue to rise. Lambeth is asking the government to stump up the money to provide these places for local families. In the past, the Labour goverment provided the funding that we needed to get every child into a local school – and we want to make sure that carries on. We’re asking parents to join our campaign – and the details are at:

Lambeth Primary School Places Campaign


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