Lambeth Libraries Commission

Over the next few weeks Lambeth council is starting a discussion with local  people  about what they want from their  library service. Things like the internet, electronic books, amazon and wi-fi are changing the way we all use information, books & libraries.

As well as technological changes the council  will have less money to spend on libraries – because  the Tory government, supported by the Lib Dems, has cut Lambeth’s spending by one third.

We are lucky to have two fantastic libraries in our ward: West Norwood Library and the Upper Norwood Library, which is joint-funded with Tory-controlled Croydon.

Gipsy Hill’s Labour councillors have been very active in working with the Upper Norwood Library campaign against any threat of cuts or closure of Upper Norwood from Croydon.

There will be two “open space” sessions during June 2011 to talk about Lambeth’s libraries . Open space sessions allows everyone attending to  have an opportunity to discuss what is important to them.

Saturday 4 June 2011 – 10am to 1pm, at Lambeth Town Hall (Assembly Hall), Brixton SW2
Tuesday 14 June 2011 – 6.30 to 9.30pm at Lambeth Town Hall (Assembly Hall), Brixton SW2

For more information see:


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