Complete the Census

Census day was Sunday 27th March and every household in Gipsy Hill should have received their form in the post. It’s extremely important that everyone fills in their form and sends it back as soon as possible. Failure to return the form can lead to a £1000 fine.

The census is used to understand population levels and diversity in different parts of the country and is used to calculate where public spending should be directed. We need as accurate a picture of our local population to make sure that we get our fair share of support for local public services (even more important given the scale of the government’s cuts to Lambeth) – each person not recorded in the census could lose our area about £300 so it’s vital that everyone takes part.

There are two events for anyone who needs help filling in their census form – both are free of charge and no appointment is needed. The first is on Thursday 31st March 3-5pm and the second is on Thursday 7th April 10am-12 noon both at the West Norwood Library.


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