Government Cuts to Lambeth’s Funding

The Conservative-led government has announced the size of the cut to the funds used to pay for local services here in Lambeth.

In 2011-12, Lambeth’s main government grant will be cut by £28 million, or just over 11%. The funding will be cut the following year by a further £16 million in 2012-13 meaning an overall reduction over the next two years of 18.7%.

Lambeth has been hit very hard by the reductions in spending. By comparisson, Richmond on Thames has only had its funding reduced by £5 million next year and £3 million the following year.

Between now and 2013, the government will cut the money that Lambeth has to spend on local services by £155 for every resident in the borough, higher than the English average of £102 and substantially higher than the £43 a head that will be cut in Richmond.

We will be working hard to find every efficiency we can, cutting costs without cutting services where possible  and, since the election, we have been looking at how we could share services with Southwark or Lewisham if that helps reduce costs and protect local services.

The council has put together a budget simulator so that local residents are able to input to the budget-making process as we look at how these cuts might impact on local services. It isn’t perfect, but it allows for as many people who want to have their say to be able to and we strongly encourage local residents to participate. It can be accessed at


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