West Norwood Swimming Pool & Leisure Centre – Planning Application Now In

Work on the joint swimming pool and health centre  for West Norwood is at a very important  stage – and the project now needs your support.

£14.2 million was agreed by the previous Labour government to build a brand new joint leisure and health centre with a council customer centre on the Norwood Hall site opposite West Norwood Station. The leisure centre will have a 25m swimming pool, 100 station gym and dance studio. A local GP surgery will move into the Health centre as well as hospital clinics. Hundreds of local people have already been consulted about the project which will give central  West Norwood the real boost it desperately needs.

We need to persuade the Conservative/ Lib Dem coalition government to give the go ahead to this project.  But first the project needs planning permission.

The council has put in a planning application ref 10/02230 You can see details of the scheme  at West Norwood library or on the Lambeth web site http://bit.ly/dnCUrX.    The plans involve demolishing the old Norwood Hall and grassing over the site. The new building will go in the field sloping down to the railway line.

If you support the scheme or have any queries please send them to  Lambeth’s Planning team  at Phoenix House SW8 2LL or by email  tpac@lambeth.gov.uk – quoting ref planning reference 10/02230 . You can help your local councillors by copying them in too: mpbennett@lambeth.gov.uk jbrathwaite@lambeth.gov.uk & nrfrancis@lambeth.gov.uk

The planning application will be decided at a public meeting of the Planning Applications Committee in Lambeth town hall in several weeks time.  Residents will have the opportunity to speak for and  against the plans at this meeting. Local residents will have been receiving a letter from local councillors & Tessa Jowell MP asking whether you support or oppose the application and we will make sure that all responses are represented at planning.


2 thoughts on “West Norwood Swimming Pool & Leisure Centre – Planning Application Now In

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  2. This is a laudable project that will transform the lives of the residents for better. This is a clear distinction of leadership and hardwork provided by our newly elected Councillors- Niranjan Francis, Matthew Bennett and Jenifer Brathwaite to deliver positive results to the residents as promised and our votes have not been wasted.
    The Conservative Party ran this area down to a state of neglect during their disastrous tenure and the residents are looking unto Labour-run constituency to turn things around because they care.

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