Lambeth Labour’s Manifesto for 2010

Lambeth Labour has launched the manifesto for the council elections on 6th May. Click here to read an online copy.

Labour won control of Lambeth from the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in 2006. In the past four years Labour has cut over £30 million of waste from Lambeth’s budget allowing everyone’s council tax to be frozen since 2008.

Labour has doubled spending on youth services, invested in neighbourhood police teams to bring down crime and boosted the number of school places, particularly in Norwood with the new Elmgreen School and a doubling of school places for local children at Kingswood from this September.

Recycling is up with Lambeth pursuing greener policies than ever before and Labour is promoting healthier lifestyles by building new leisure centres and swimming pools across the borough, including at Norwood Hall by West Norwood station.

Between 2002 and 2006 local Conservatives & their Lib Dem allies let the people of Norwood down: failing to invest in services and hiking council tax by 40% in just four years. Labour’s improving Lambeth for everyone and keeping tax low.