Extra Classes & A New Primary School

Due to the good schools and the low level of crime in our community many new families have been attracted to West Norwood & Gipsy Hill increasing demand for places which has put pressure on our local primary schools.

So it is great to hear that the extra £9 million in funding secured by Tessa Jowell MP and Labour-controlled Lambeth council will now go towards immediately funding extra classes at Kingswood & Julian’s primary schools and a new primary school close to West Norwood station.

Starting from this September: Kingswood on Gipsy Road will take an extra two reception classes and Julian’s school on Leigham Court Road will take one extra class to ensure that children in the local community can go to primary school in their local community.

The money will also be spent on building a new primary school near to West Norwood station which,  it is hoped, will open in September 2011 in partnership with nearbly Julian’s School.

Labour also funded the building of Elmgreen School which was built in cooperation with members of the local community to address the severe shortage of secondary school places when the Tories ran Lambeth with the Lib Dems between 2002-2006. Labour is committed to investing in Norwood to deliver the best posssible education for every child in our community.


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