Boris’ 20% Fare Hike

Commuters and residents in Gipsy Hill and West Norwood have been hit by inflation busting increases in bus, tube and oyster fares controlled by Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson.

Bus fares have been put up to £1.20 from 90p when Boris came to power in May 2008: an unacceptable increase of 33%.

Weekly bus passes have risen in cost by 20% even though Boris is planning to cut bus services by 26 million kilometres this year. Londoners will be paying more for fewer services.

Tube fares are going up by an average of 3.9% with the minimum fare rising by 12.5% to £1.80.

In contrast to Tory fare hikes, the Labour Government has enforced a cut in rail fares, including season tickets, of 0.4% to acknowledge the low level of inflation.


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